11 March 2013

Tsumori Chisato AW13

About the collection:
Looking at a Tsumori Chisato collection is always a bit like walking through a museum: there’s some Klimt, a smidge of Dali, a soupçon of Braque. Stark geometric patterns evoke the works of Bridget Riley. Then there’s the Surrealists, the Abstracts, the Op Artists – they’re all there. But unlike walking through the well thought-out halls of an art space chronologically taking you through the various eras and epochs of the Greats of our time, Tsumori Chisato consciously and fearlessly mixes artistic references and influences into her own colorful and unique world.

Where tremendous amounts of water perpetually thunder down with such a force that a cloud of spray is formed high overhead, Tsumori Chisato was deeply inspired by the sheer beauty and grandeur of the powerful water cascades.

“For me this collection is about water,” she says. “I was inspired by the waterfalls: the power, the beauty, the deepness, the colors, the movement.” The big black and white wall-spanning stage backdrop is an omnium-gatherum of drawings and impressions, a vivid interpretation of the cascades, recalling elements of the underwater world.

Capturing the spirit of the marine landscape, Tsumori Chisato dives into the deep sea by playfully juggling with prints of seaweed, algae, pearl, coral and even lobster motifs, which can be found throughout the collection of textured dresses, skirts, pants, capes and coats. Many of the rounded and curvy silhouettes are reminiscent of marine crustaceans with their scalloped edges and hems.

The deep sea is further reflected in a deep and sumptuous color palette of navy, royal blue, turquoise and sea green. A mysterious black & white cascade print is punctuated with shots of coral, orange, pink and red, reminiscent of crab shells and further playing on the crustaceous influence.
Keeping true to her signature, once again Tsumori Chisato mixes together different influences, eras and worlds to form a greater whole.

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