21 March 2013

Shiatzy Chen AW13

About the collection:

Shiatzy Chen’s 2013 Fall/Winter Collection retrieves the artistic essence and tailoring cuts from China’s Tang Dynasty and creates a delicate and rich fashion look. Richness is reflected by layers of substantial fabric construction. Colors are reflected by the marriage of traditional and modern colors.

The Tang Dynasty, a period of close to 300 years, was one of the most prosperous and glorious period in China, similar to the glory of Roman Empire. It was an era with full achievements in artistic and cultural creations. One of the iconic art works during this time was the Tang San Cai (Tri-Color Pottery) made more than a thousand years ago. The production process for Tang San Cai is extremely complicated. It entails several steps of glazing in changing temperatures. Various minerals are added at different stages, including bronze, iron, manganese, cobalt, antimony, lead, and aluminium to create the color glazes. During the glazing process, green, orange, gold, ink black and blue become intermingled. Through the years and the climate changes along the way, the potteries age with surprising color tints that make their appearance even more appealing to the collectors. Shiatzy Chen takes in the essence of Tang Dynasty and interprets the spirit in colors and fabric prints.

The Fall/Winter collection combines the high waistlines and tapestry from the apparel during Tang Dynasty with modern tailoring techniques from the west. Saturated colors have been hand-sketched on to the fabrics to create a glazed texture, while layers of fabrics wrap around the silhouette for a look that is both rich and full.

The 2013 Fall/Winter Collection at Shiatzy Chen transforms the rich eastern elements from the golden era of China into a sleek and modern style that is majestically elegant.

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