20 March 2013

Sacai AW13

About the collection:

An unexpected elegance, with form driven by function. A modern understated glamour that inverts preconceptions while meeting the practical needs of a woman's life. What may seem conventional at first glance, surprises as she turns.

The Trench - the classic trench silhouette is subverted and presented as a new proposition. A deep navy velvet dress front has a trench cape back. A sweater front meets dramatic trench detailing. An unexpected mix of fabrics sees the functionality of trench fabrications and detailing set against the luxury of velvet to create a new interpretation of easy modern style.  

The Country Life - traditional British fabrics serve as the starting point. Tradition takes on a street couture elegance, with heritage hunting coats inverted with MA1 flight jacket overlays, set against the femininity of lace or a jacket detail serving as a peplum on a sweater. Plaid coats have a new slouchier, over-sized proportion and are lined with re-moveable quilted linings that are exposed at the back through an extra-long slit. Bags are introduced for the first time - a collaboration with Japanese brand Porter, mixing the functionality of flight jacket nylon with the decadence of fur.

 Sports - Proportions are driven by function and an understated, unexpected take on glamour. Fur trim adds warmth and refinement to the utility of a down jacket.  Ski influences see Nordic sweaters trimmed with dramatic, feminine feather detailing. Sports inspired pants are super slim, with nylon inserts and turned inside out.  

The Biker - The "Perfecto" leather biker is re-imagined in a new context - shrunken over the volume of a slouchy mens-inspired overcoat; worn sleeveless over a quilted liner with fur sleeves. The rugged utility of leather meets feminine ruffles or the softness of fur.

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