21 March 2013

Shiatzy Chen AW13

About the collection:

Shiatzy Chen’s 2013 Fall/Winter Collection retrieves the artistic essence and tailoring cuts from China’s Tang Dynasty and creates a delicate and rich fashion look. Richness is reflected by layers of substantial fabric construction. Colors are reflected by the marriage of traditional and modern colors.

20 March 2013

Sacai AW13

About the collection:

An unexpected elegance, with form driven by function. A modern understated glamour that inverts preconceptions while meeting the practical needs of a woman's life. What may seem conventional at first glance, surprises as she turns.

The Trench - the classic trench silhouette is subverted and presented as a new proposition. A deep navy velvet dress front has a trench cape back. A sweater front meets dramatic trench detailing. An unexpected mix of fabrics sees the functionality of trench fabrications and detailing set against the luxury of velvet to create a new interpretation of easy modern style.  

13 March 2013

Veronique Leroy AW13

 About the collection:

The Fall-Winter collection 2013/2014 draws inspiration from Claude Chabrol’s movie, La Cérémonie. It stages a game between outfits and schizophrenia. The game of a domestic worker who wears her upper middle-class employer’s wardrobe, combining it with her own clothing.

The hybrid style creates a quirky appeal that turns heads, marked with intriguing twists of elegance. The combination is invigorating. It raises the question of what is elegance, and what are its therapeutic properties.

12 March 2013

Viktor & Rolf AW13

About the collection:

Rebellious Sophistication

Viktor&Rolf's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection presents the existing house codes of provocative, unexpected glamour in a mood of rebellious sophistication.

Short silhouettes define the collection. There is an emphasis on compact, clean tailoring in matte black tricotine, leather and quilted silk-nylon. Sculptural restraint is juxtaposed with intricately folded, integrated bow decorations. And rich embroideries in a trompe-l'oeil of fraying, rips and tears provide a rebellious yet luxurious antidote. The palette draws from a largely black and white base, infused with textured patent and lacquered accessories.

11 March 2013

Tsumori Chisato AW13

About the collection:
Looking at a Tsumori Chisato collection is always a bit like walking through a museum: there’s some Klimt, a smidge of Dali, a soupçon of Braque. Stark geometric patterns evoke the works of Bridget Riley. Then there’s the Surrealists, the Abstracts, the Op Artists – they’re all there. But unlike walking through the well thought-out halls of an art space chronologically taking you through the various eras and epochs of the Greats of our time, Tsumori Chisato consciously and fearlessly mixes artistic references and influences into her own colorful and unique world.

Where tremendous amounts of water perpetually thunder down with such a force that a cloud of spray is formed high overhead, Tsumori Chisato was deeply inspired by the sheer beauty and grandeur of the powerful water cascades.

08 March 2013

Anne Valerie Hash AW13

 About the collection:

"Rigour & nonchalance; structure & fluidity; an asymmetric harmony.
Winter 2013 envisioned by Anne Valérie Hash who draws a silhouette tinged with romanticism.

The entire philosophy of the House reflects a spirit that is faithful to its roots of construction / deconstruction, as shown by its definitive and sharp cutting.

07 March 2013

Issey Miyake AW13

 About the collection:
"Clothes that give you wings the moments you wear them!

This season, we have used a surprisingly warm and light material that closely matches the shape and the moment of the human body.

01 March 2013

Jacquemus AW13

Jacquemus AW13 catwalk show from Paris Fashion Week.

About Collection:
For AW 13/14, the young designer Simon Porte Jacquemus presented a collection inspired by everyday life moments. As usual, the designer told a story in which one can easily immerse himself.

A boyish looking girl coming out of a pool; her hair is wet and she wears a big bonnet to avoid the cold. 
The designer revisits what is for him a basic look from everyday life, a "sport-uniform", with a nonchalant slightly provocative look a sporty girl would give off.